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 User Console - Anti-Phishing

User Console - Anti-Phishing->Handling
Determines how the system should handle each classification of phishing messages.

Use Parent Group's Settings

By checking this option your settings assume the default values established by an administrator. This is the recommended setting. Unchecking this box allows you to make your own choices about your anti-phishing handling.

Action to take for Phishing

Do Not Filter - Message is passed on for further spam analysis and is not flagged as a virus in any way. 
Delete - Message is deleted and an appropriate log entry is made. 
Quarantine - Message is placed in the user quarantine where it can be scrutinized later. 
Forward - Message is forwarded to an administrative email address specified in the Action Value field. This is normally an account such as
Tag - Subject is prefixed with the value entered in the Action Value field and delivered normally. We recommend [Phishing] and [Likely Phishing].
Action Value

Enter the email address or subject tag value when Forward or Tag Actions are selected respectively. This field is unavailable for all other actions.


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