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 Domain Groups
Solution When using DNS2Go with multiple domains the only way possible for all of the domains to resolve to the same IP address is via Domain Groups

Domain Groups can be setup in the DNS2Go Account Manager

  1. After Logging in, Click on the Domain Groups option in the dashboard

  2. Now click the New button

  3. Give the Group a name and click OK

  4. Now you will see the new Group listed. From here, click on the computer image to edit the group (Hovering over the image will display a text box that says Add/Remove Domains)

  5. Now you will see all of your domains under the Available Domains part of the page. Select the domain(s) you want in this group and click the Arrow to move the domain(s) into the group.

Now that the domains have been added to the group you will need to take a domain in the group offline (if its already online) then back online and now all the domains will be listed as online and resolving to the same IP address.

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