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 Using MXPurify Email Security with DNS2Go Email Routing
Solution When using MXPurify Email Security with DNS2Go Email Routing the following steps need to be done.

  1. Your DNS2Go Account MUST be a Professional Account (Learn more about the benefits of a DNS2Go Professional account visit: http://www.dns2go.com/features/ )
  2. Take your domain offline

  3. Log into the DNS2Go Account Manager

  4. Follow this article to learn how to set Custom MX records for both Online and Offline Custom MX records. The MX records need to be configured as follows:
    zeno.mx25.net [10]
    socrates.mx25.net [20]

  5. Take your domain online

  6. This will set the MX records to be listed as follows:
    domain.d2g.com. 15 IN MX 20 socrates.mx25.com.
    domain.d2g.com. 15 IN MX 30 plato.mx25.com.
    domain.d2g.com. 15 IN MX 10 zeno.mx25.net.
    domain.d2g.com. 15 IN MX 40 aristotle.mx25.net.
  7. Next login to MXPurify Email Security

  8. Click on Setup

  9. Click on Domains

  10. Select your domain

  11. In the Ip/Hostname section remove all entries and enter in:

  12. Click the Change button

This will now allow all email to first be processed by the MXPurify Email security servers, then sent onto the DNS2Go Email Routing Servers to be collected normally.

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