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Solution This error usually indicates that the sending server dropped the connection. For example, as the session progresses where each server (sending = <<< : receiving = >>>) returns commands you can see that VisNetic is waiting for DATA from the sending server.

[IP] [Session #] [time] >>> 250 2.1.5 < >... Recipient ok
[IP] [Session #] [time] <<< DATA
[IP] [Session #] [time] >>> 354 Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself
[IP] [Session #] [time] 1 0 00:00:00 INCOMPLETE-SESSION
[IP] [Session #] [time] Disconnected

The line below tells the sending server to go ahead and send data,

[IP] [Session #] [time] >>> 354 Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself

And since the session did NOT end with a "." on a line by itself, or was disconnected by the sending server or email client this would indicate that data was not transferred and VisNetic MailServer responds with INCOMPLETE-SESSION.

Usually this is caused by a firewall or router issue. Possibly to many incoming or outgoing connections on your router or firewall or this could be from a desktop virus scanner installed on the VisNetic MailServer computer or a desktop virus scanner on the client computer that is sending the message.

If you can not determine if there's a network / hardware / software conflict then we recommend using a packet sniffer (such as ethereal or wireshark) to determine if VisNetic MailServer was actually receiving data.

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