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 SyncML - How to troubleshoot
Solution VisNetic GroupWare version 9.x

SyncML is a paid module. You need a Groupware key and a SyncML key to use it. Please refer to the following link for more information.


For more info on pricing and purchasing please contact sales.

SyncML Documentation,11

Funambol is our recommendation for mobile plug-ins for SyncML

How to troubleshoot SyncML problems:

1. Make sure that the server host name has a / at the end. For example,

Note: some phones may require that you specify the index.html file at the end of the URL, example,

2. Double check that the password is entered correct in Funambol plugin, retype the password.

3. Check to see if other accounts work.

4. Open the VisNetic MailServer admin and select SyncML, then select the Access Mode button and set it to All Accounts.

5. From the Admin select System - Services. Start the Groupware service if it's not running.

6. From the Admin select Help - Licenses to see if there are any license errors.

7. Create a new account in VisNetic MailServer and test that.

8. Instead of using the full email address for the username use only the username.

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