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 Spam Reporting and Troubleshooting - VisNetic MailServer 9.x
Solution Spam report troubleshooting tips.

AntiSpam - Action - Reports tab

Sender: <>
From: Spam Report < >
Report Mode: New Items
Engine URL: http://your_mx_record:32000/challenge/

Note: The domain used in Engine URL must resolve to an IP that is accessible by VisNetic from the VisNetic server using the DNS server entered in VMS Admin - System - Internet Connection. If the IP is not accessible using VisNetic's DNS servers, the scheduled reports will not run.

Hint: The Engine URL is the same for Reports and Challenge Response URL (Quarantine). Changing one will change the other. If using Challenge Response messages the Engine URL must resolve to an external IP that accesses the VisNetic Web / control IP. The default port is 32000.

Domains & Accounts - Users - Options tab

Spam Report Mode: New Items
Spam folder mode: Default

Note: The default folder mode uses whats defined in Antispam - Action - Action tab.

Hint: If the reports do not show spam folder messages check to make sure the spam folder is named correctly. The spam folder is case sensitive, it should be \~spam\ NOT \~Spam\.

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