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 Setup Guide - Port Forwarding to a Web Server with Linksys Routers
Solution 1) Select and Install a web server of your choice on the PC you wish to use as a Server. You first need to Install and Configure the server or host computer with the web server software. Some popular web servers are Microsoft IIS and Apache. You can find instructions for setting up a web site in IIS HERE

Now that you have the web server software setup on your computer, you should then set a Static Private IP address on that computer. This will prevent any changes to the IP address that would cause problems with the port forwarding we are setting up.

2) Set a Static Private IP address on the Web Server to NOTEThis is under the assumption that the Linksys router is setup as the default IP address of, if not than adjust it to fit your needs.

3) Now you are ready to test and make sure that the web server is running properly. The first test will be on the local network. Use a Web Browser on a computer on the same local network and go to

Once you enter this you should then be connected with the web server and see the default web page.

If the default page does not come up then the site is likely setup incorrectly, or a firewall could be blocking the traffic. You will want to verify that the computer used for the Web Server is connected to the network correctly and any firewall has port 80 open on it.

Now that you have ensured the Web Server is up and running on the local LAN , and you can see the Web page, the port in the router needs to be opened to allow people from the Internet to view the page.

4) Opening ports in your Linksys router is very straight forward. Log into the router by going to and using your username and password to log into the router
NOTEThe Linksys default username is blank and password is admin

Once you log into the router, Select the APPLICATIONS and GAMING link in the top menu. Now you should see a list of ports and IPs.

5 ) Select from the list of pre-defined entries and you should see WEB is already pre-defined in the drop down list of ports. Select WEB from the dropdown list of applications, then select TCP, Set the LAN IP to and Enable should be checked.

Thats it. If you are still having problems then a few things are possible.

1) Your Internet Provider is blocking port 80. To verify this, you will need to contact your provider. If they are blocking this port, follow the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article HERE to change the port in IIS. You will then need to follow the steps above, just changing the port that comes up after selecting WEB in step 5.

2) Verify that no software firewalls are running on the Web Server. The Linksys Router should provide attiquite protection from the Internet and a software based firewall is not really needed.

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