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 How to read or find the logs
Solution Logging - this article applies to VisNetic MailServer 8x - 9.x and IceWarp Mail Server

When troubleshooting, or simply trying to learn how the system works, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the logs. Debug and Summary logging provides the most logging information but will require more disk space. Debug logging is required if you want to view sessions using the VisNetic Admin. The logs are saved in the \logs\ sub-folder of the VisNetic MailServer installation path. The logs start with a letter representing the associated service, for example,

POP3 = pYYMMDD.log
AntiSpam = \logs\antispam\YYMMDD.log

The logs can be viewed with any text editor, such as, Notepad. Since VisNetic MailServer is a multi-thread server it does not log sessions by session ID but by order received. On a busy server this can make viewing the logs a very difficult task. Using the Log Analyzer will help make this task much easier. The Log Analyzer is located in the VisNetic MailServer program group.

For real-time session reporting and log viewing refer to the VisNetic Admin console to help troubleshoot mail delivery or spam problems. When viewing Status - Sessions from the VisNetic admin console double click the session to view the associated log. The success or failure of the session will be reported in the log, as well as the message ID, if the message is accepted. The message ID shown in the example below,

>>> 250 2.6.0 5759 bytes received in 00:00:05; Message id ICU78140 accepted for delivery

can be used to track a message reported in the Antispam logs, example,

IP [03B0] 11:16:46 ICU78140 '' '' score 10.00 reason [SpamAssassin=10.00,Bayes=100.00,Body=12] action SPAM

This message ID makes it traceable to the SMTP log so you can determine IP, sender and recipient information for any given incoming message.

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