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 Migrate / Upgrade VisNetic MailServer to IceWarp Mail Server 9.4.3 or higher
Solution Migrate / Upgrade VisNetic MailServer (any version) to Icewarp Mail Server 9.4.3 or higher

VisNetic MailServer can be migrated or upgraded to Icewarp Mail Server only if you meet the following prerequisites.


1. You must have converted your VisNetic MailServer key to IceWarp Mail Server Key. Refer to this article for instructions:

How to convert your VisNetic MailServer Key to IceWarp Mail Server Key

If you are installing IceWarp version 10 you must also have an IceWarp version 10 key to continue with the installation. It's recommended that you contact sales to obtain the proper key when migrating to version 10.

2. Upgrade Protection. If your Upgrade Protection is expired you can renew during the installation of IceWarp Mail Server. The installer will provide you with a Purchase Online link that will determine your renewal options based on your converted key. If you have any questions please contact sales@deerfield.net

What is Upgrade Protection?

3. This step only applies if you are using IceWarp 9.4.3. If you are migrating to IceWarp 10 you are required to use Kaspersky AntiVirus that's integrated into IceWarp 10.

If you are using VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in, you must have at least version To determine what version you have refer to the title bar of the scheduler updater by double clicking the tray icon. Download and installation instructions are outlined below.

4. You must have a complete backup of VisNetic MailServer.

Backup VisNetic MailServer

How to Migrate or Upgrade VisNetic MailServer (any version) to Icewarp Mail Server 9.4.3 or higher

1. IMPORTANT: Backup VisNetic MailServer prior to migrating to Icewarp Mail Server.

Backup VisNetic MailServer

2. Skip this step if migrating to IceWarp version 10.

If you are using VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in make sure you have version or higher prior to migrating to Icewarp Mail Server.

CLICK --> Download <-- HERE to download VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in.

Click the "Download" link above to save the VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in file to the VisNetic MailServer computer. Double click the file to install over your existing version of VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in. This will update VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in to version or higher.

The installer for VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in (patch or full) will need to stop all services that use VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in, however, after the installation completes it will NOT restart the services using VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in. You must manually restart the services from the Windows Service Control panel typically located in Windows Administrative Tools - Services. The services stopped by VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in may include the following:

VisNetic MailServer SMTP
VisNetic Web/Control
VisNetic MailFlow
Kerio MailServer
Kerio WinRoute Firewall

Note: VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in users for IceWarp Mail Server will need to switch to Avast Antivirus once the VisNetic subscription expires. We have provided a utility to help make the switch. Click link below:

VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in to Avast Antivirus switcher

3. Download Icewarp Mail Server and save the file to the VisNetic MailServer computer.

Download IceWarp Mail Server

IMPORTANT: If the services in VisNetic MailServer are logged in with an account other than local system for access to network shares for mail path, backups, etc... you will need to note the login details of each service and make the same login changes to the IceWarp services after the installation of IceWarp.

4. Double click the setup file to start the installation.

5. IMPORTANT: Verify the IceWarp Mail Server setup program detects your VisNetic MailServer installation and prompts you to migrate (near the beginning of install). If your VisNetic MailServer installation is not detected, do not proceed with the IceWarp Mail Server installation. Please contact Deerfield Communications Inc. technical support by submitting an online ticket at the Helpdesk

6. Follow the instructions outlined in the installation wizard. Do NOT change the installation path displayed in the setup. All settings should be left to defaults.

If your Upgrade Protection is expired the installer will provide you with the option to Purchase Online using your newly converted IceWarp keys. You can exit the installer at this point once your renewal options are shown online. Follow the instructions online to order new keys and return to the IceWarp installer to paste your new keys into the installer when prompted.

7. After setup has installed Icewarp Mail Server press Finish and you have completed the migration to Icewarp Mail Server.

Outlook Connector

If you are using VisNetic Groupware with the Outlook Connector you will need to follow these instructions to upgrade the Outlook connector.

1. Download the latest version of Icewarp Outlook Connector to the computer running Outlook.


2. Uninstall VisNetic Groupware Outlook Connector (Windows - Add/Remove Programs).

Note: Uninstalling VisNetic Groupware Outlook Connector will not remove contact, calendar data from your account. All data is stored in a database on the server and will remain there after the uninstall.

3. Extract all files from the downloaded zip file to a folder and double click setup.exe to install Icewarp Outlook Connector.

4. Configure your account in the Icewarp Outlook Connector and synchronize your contacts and calendar.

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