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 Configure 3CX Softphone v4
  1. Ensure that you have created the extension that you wish to use with 3CX Softphone v4 in 3CX PhoneSystem. Take note of your extension number and PIN assigned to you.
  2. Download the latest version of the 3CX Softphone v4 here.
  3. Download the manual in PDF format here.
  4. Install 3CX Softphone v4 by double-clicking on downloaded installation file. Follow the instructions and choose an installation location.

Configure 3CX Softphone v4

The first time you start the 3CX Softphone v4, you will have to configure a profile to connect to 3CX Phone System / your SIP server.

Screenshot 1 – Configuring a connection

  1. Start 3CX Softphone v4 from the 3CXPhone 4 program group or by double-clicking on the tray icon.
  2. The first time you start 3CX Softphone v4, it will automatically create a new connection profile. Otherwise, click the new button to create a new profile. Enter a name for the connection
  3. Enter your extension number (Auth ID), and your extension SIP credentials (SIP ID and Password)
  4. Specify whether this connection is in the office (SIP server is on the same LAN) or outside of the office (You are outside the LAN). If you are in the office, specify the local IP of the SIP server. If outside the office, enter the public IP of the SIP server.
  5. If you are outside the office, you can use the 3CX Tunnel, which tunnels all SIP traffic over a single TCP Port. In this case, click the option "Use tunnel", and specify the local IP of the SIP server. Specify the Tunnel Password and the remote tunnel port.
  6. Click OK to create the connection. Once you have logged in successfully, your extension number will be shown at the top on the right hand side. If you are connecting via the tunnel, you will see the tunnel indicator active.

Screenshot 2 – The 3CX Softphone v4

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