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 3CX Verbose Logging and Wireshark Capture
Solution To Enable Verbose logging on the 3CX Server please follow these steps:

1. Set the logging for the PBX to "Verbose" via the 3CX Management Console -> Settings -> Advanced under the section. Click the "Apply" button at -> the bottom of the page.

2. Restart the PBX machine (reboot) so that all 3CX components restart in verbose logging mode.

3. Wait for about 5 minutes after reboot to ensure all components re-register with the PBX.

4. Start up a wireshark capture from the PBX machine as explained on reviewing the part on creating an UNFILTERED Wireshark Capture.

5. Replicate the issue which is the subject of this ticket.

6. Create a Support Info file using the 3CX Backup/Restore tool. To do this, open the 3CX Backup Restore tool from the Start Menu > Programs. Click the bottom most browse option and select a location for the support info to be saved. Click the 'Generate Support Info' .

7. When the ZIP file generation is ready attach the Support Info file to this ticket.

8. Stop the wireshark capture and attach it to any corresponding support ticket or submit it via email to

9. Update this ticket with all relevant information used to reproduce the issue, like, called number, calling number, call route , answering extension etc etc.

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