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 DDNS Client for MAC & Linux
Solution The DNS2Go update service is compatible with the inadyn client. The client may be downloaded from: http://www.inatech.eu/inadyn/readme.html

Inadyn installes to MAC and Linux systems.

To use the inadyn client with the DNS2Go service you will need to set the following parameters:

--dyndns_system custom@http_svr_basic_auth --dyndns_server_name update.dns2go.com:80 --dyndns_server_url /update.aspx?inadyn=001153-XXXXX-XXXXX-nnnnnn* (where 001153-XXXXX-XXXXX-nnnnnn is your DNS2Go key followed by a *) --alias mydomain.dns2go.com (where mydomain.dns2go.com is your dns2go domain) --ip_server_name update.dns2go.com:80 /ipcheck.aspx (make sure there is a space between :80 and the /)

You can test your domain first by opening a web browser to: http://update.dns2go.com/update.aspx?inadyn=001153-XXXXX-XXXXX-nnnnnn#mydomain.dns2go.com

This should cause your domain to go online with the IP address you are connecting from.

When you use a web browser to test you should get back a response that looks like this: Code:0 Data:mydomain.dns2go.com;;1

If you want to check your current IP address: http://myip.dns2go.com or http://update.dns2go.com/ipcheck.aspx

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