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 Database Maintenance Overview
Solution Database Maintenance allows VisNetic MailFlow to maintain and backup its internal data structures at scheduled intervals or through manual intervention. Database Maintenance provides operations to minimize the current "working" data set and protect data from permanent loss. To configure database maintenance, click on the shortcut to Settings under Database Maintenance in the administration roll-up. You can schedule daily database maintenance to run automatically at a certain time of day, or you can make it run immediately. Keep in mind that agents will not be able to access VisNetic MailFlow while database maintenance is running.

Backing up the database saves the contents of the database and all attachments in a compressed file with a proprietary format.

Archiving the database stores Tickets older than specified time period in a compressed file with a proprietary format. The Archive Cut Off Interval (ticket age) is determined by last time the ticket was opened or when the most recent message was added to the ticket. The way this function works depends on what will be removed from the database:

Tickets and Messages - completely removes older Tickets from the database. No trace of the Tickets remains in the database.

Messages - removes all messages and attachments from the database, but leaves the ticket, ticket notes, and system ticket events. You can access the messages from the archive through the system ticket events if the archived file remains on the system.

Nothing - leaves the database alone. This option is primarily for running database maintenance now. If this option is enabled for daily maintenance, older Tickets may be archived multiple times.

Purging old records automatically removes items that are older than the specified time interval. You can remove the following types of records: Tickets - purges closed Tickets older than the cut-off interval

Trash - removes trash records older than the cut-off interval

Standard Response Usage - removes standard response usage data older than the cut-off interval.

Alerts - removes any alerts older than the cut-off interval

Contacts without Tickets - removes contact records that have no associated Tickets

The Archives page provides a listing of all archive files generated by the VisNetic MailFlow database maintenance. The listing includes the Archive filename, date of creation, the number of inbound and outbound messages it contains, and the size of the file. Archive files that are copied to the archive folder will also appear, so that you can import archives from other systems. Please note that the system will be unavailable to agents while importing an archive.

The Backups screen provides a listing of all backup files generated by the VisNetic MailFlow database maintenance. Restoring a 2.x backup will merge the backup file with the current contents of the database. Restoring a 1.x backup will replace the current database with the contents of the backup. Please note that the system will be unavailable to agents while restoring a backup.

Deleted Items
Deleted Items is the repository for Tickets, messages, contacts, and standard responses that have been deleted by an agent. This ensures that items are not permanently removed from VisNetic MailFlow prior to administrative approval, and provides an opportunity to restore items deleted by mistake.

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