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 MailFlow Display Problem after Chrome Update
Solution VisNetic MailFlow 5 introduced support for both Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Recently Chrome released an update (v30.0.1599.66 m) that created a column display issue with MailFlow. Essentially all the columns in the Ticket list collapsed.

MailFlow engineers quickly identified the required update, and corrected the issue.

The issue exists only when using Google Chrome v30.0.1599.66 m. Previous versions of Chrome, and other supported browsers are not impacted, and do not require an update.

Please Download the fix to your MailFlow server. Extract the listController.jmf file from the zip and replace your \wwwroot\javascript\listController.jmf

All VisNetic MailFlow Agents should then fully clear their browser cache.

With the updated file in place, and the browser cache cleared, VisNetic MailFlow should render correctly.

The issue impacts VisNetic MailFlow versions 5.0 thru

The updated file will be incorporated into VisNetic MailFlow v5.1

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