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Nov 30, 2020 
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 Configuring VisNetic MailServer WebMail On Port 80
Solution VisNetic MailServer

This article explains the necessary steps to run WebMail on port 80 to allow end-users to access the WebMail logon without having to specify :port/mail within the URL.

From Within Windows Explorer

  1. Open the directory. The default path is C:\Program Files\
  2. Open the VisNetic MailServer directory
  3. Open the Config directory
  4. Open webserver.cfg with Notepad
  5. Under the [Virtual-Host] section enter a hostname = html\mail.
    (e.g.; = html\mail)
  6. Select File \ Save
  7. Select the System button and change the control port to 80 and the secure control port to 443. NOTE, if you have a web server running on the same computer you may have a port conflict with VisNetic MailServer. Disable your web server before making this port change.
  8. Stop and Start the VisNetic MailServer Control Service. This can be done in either Windows Services or in the VisNetic MailServer Configuration console.
Note: The hostname you enter would have to have a DNS host record setup for it to work. For example, has to be able to resolve to an IP address for users to be able to get to the logon page.

Also, you can enter as many Virtual hosts as needed, one entry per line.

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