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 Share contacts, global or personal address book

The VisNetic GroupWare Outlook Connector is a Microsoft Outlook plug-in that provides full Outlook groupware capabilities without the need for an Exchange server. Benefit from groupware functionality, allowing your organization to share address books, create appointments and invite others, enable automated reminders, and more. GroupWare users have access to shared data from any location on the Intranet, or Internet, via Outlook, VisNetic WebMail or any enabled application. GroupWare also supports notifications through Instant Messaging, a feature not available in other products. 

The Outlook Connector is compatible with Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003 and XP. You must have one of these versions installed prior to installing the VisNetic GroupWare Outlook Connector. The Outlook Connector is only compatible like version of VisNetic MailServer. For example, if you have version 7.x of VisNetic MailServer you must have version 7.x of the Connector.

1. Install voutlook.exe (http://ftp.deerfield.net/pub/visnetic/mailserver/voutlook_8923.exe)

2. Open Microsoft Outlook 

3. Select Tools / Options / VisNetic GroupWare Tab

4. Add an Account to VisNetic Groupware

a. Select the Add button. 

b. In the resulting dialog, enter a descriptive Name for this account.

c. Enter the full email address in the Email address field. 

d. Enter the Password for the email address account entered above.

e. In the Server dialog, enter the IP address or domain name of the server where the VisNetic GroupWare service is running. 

f. Use SSL connection - Specify whether or not the communication between the Outlook Connector and the GroupWare Server should be secured via SSL/TLS.

g. Use plain text passwords - If you are utilizing NT Passwords on the VisNetic MailServer (GroupWare Server), the password must be passed in plain text. Use this option with the SSL option to ensure proper security.

Note: Name, Email Address, Password and Server are required fields.

5. Log into VisNetic WebMail (typically http://domain.com:32000/mail)

6. Select Calendar then Calendar Settings

7. Scroll down to Sharing and select My Friends

8. Specify the email address of those you would like to share your Contacts with. 
(i.e. user@domain.com)

When sharing GroupWare functions, those addresses listed as My Friends will have access to those items not specified (by you) as Private.

Note: If you are using VisNetic 8.5 or higher you can also add shared contacts from the VisNetic Admin console under Groupware - Public Folders. Press F1 for help.

9. Go back to Microsoft Outlook and Open VisNetic GroupWare 

10. For users whose GroupWare objects you want to view or modify select the Shared Email tab and enter their email address.

11. If the other user has granted you the appropriate rights, a Personal Folder tree entry will be created for that user�s GroupWare objects. You can rename it by right-clicking, select Properties, then Advanced and specify a descriptive name (user@domain.com GroupWare, as an example). 

You can add as many shared GroupWare accounts as you like.

Access the shared address book. 

1. Open Microsoft Outlook

2. Select VisNetic GroupWare / Synchronize <>
(the default auto synchronization is 5 minutes)

Note: In version 8.5 or higher it will popup a dialog box asking if you want to add new shared contacts to Groupware. At this point you can accept the invite.

3. Confirm Contacts are available in the user@domain.com Groupware Contacts folder.

To reciprocate shared contacts with user@domain.com, User should repeat steps 1-11 above.

4. Shared Contacts are also available via VisNetic WebMail / Address Book / Private Address Book

Important Notes:

1. The sharing of Global Addresses, as specified in VisNetic WebMail is not accessible via VisNetic Outlook Connector. 

2. Contacts, events, notes, etc specified by the GroupWare user as Private will remain private and not accessible to other users specified as My Friends or Public. 

3. See VisNetic GroupWare Help Files for additional configuration information.

4. GroupWare functionality is available for all users via VisNetic WebMail with a Groupware license.

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