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 Configuring ODBC
Solution VisNetic MailServer

Configuring VisNetic MailServer To Use ODBC

This article explains how to setup the VisNetic MailServer to use an ODBC database for its account list. ODBC stands for Open Database Connectivity and is an open standard application programming interface (API) for accessing a database. ODBC lets you store and access all accounts in any database via ODBC. The database system can be any common database such as MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, InterBase, Postgre, Informix or any other.

Note: The ODBC option is only available in the Pro version

From the VisNetic MailServer configuration console:
  1. Click the Professional button on the left hand side
  2. Click the ODBC radio-button
  3. Enter the Connection string. Connection string contains all needed information to connect and communicate with a database: DSN;username;password (e.g.; mailserver;test;1234)
  4. Click the Test Connection button to find out if the connection string is constructed properly.
Before using the server, you need to create the tables structure in the DSN first. Use the Create Tables button.

ODBC Settings step by step:
  1. Create a System DSN in the ODBC Data Sources to connect to your database.
  2. Create the proper Connection string in the database settings of VisNetic MailServer. Check with the Test Connection button.
  3. Save the settings.
  4. Click the Create Tables button.
  5. If successful, you can import the previous VisNetic MailServer users by clicking the Convert To ODBC button.
  6. Press F5 (on the keyboard) to reload.
Please use the Conversion buttons with caution. Conversion must be done only once to an empty database or empty VisNetic MailServer File System.

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