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 Configuring Trusted IPs and Domains in VisNetic MailServer
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VisNetic MailServer can be configured to allow trusted domains or IPs to send mail through the server. VisNetic MailServer will check the relay.dat file. If the IP or domain name exists, then the sender is exempt from authenticating in any way.

From the VisNetic MailServer Configuration console:

  1. Select the Delivery button.
  2. Enter the domain or IP that is exempt from authenticating in the Relaying From: field. Use a semicolon to separate the domains and IPs. Note: It is easier to enter the domains or IPs in the [:] file. Remember to save the changes and return to the configuration console.
  3. Select Apply in the configuration console.

If using the Web Admin, from the VisNetic MailServer Web Admin:

  1. Select the Delivery link
  2. Select the Relaying From link
  3. Enter the domain or IP in the file
  4. Click Save
    Note: We recommend that you do not enter domain names in the Relaying From: field unless you are sure that your DNS is configured properly properly for reverse resolving.

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